Why do I use a whistle in my training?

By Ingrid / January 17, 2021 / Blog / No Comments

Using a whistle is constant, consistent, emotionless and incredibly easy to use – you don’t need to charge it up, follow an instruction manual or get a new one every other month. I still have the same whistle I used 10 years ago and which has been utilised to train hundreds of dogs. Using a […]

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No Moor chasing!

By Ingrid / January 12, 2021 / Testimonials / No Comments

“Our two dogs have a history of chasing sheep and deer, and with a “pack instinct” egging them on, we had despaired of ever finding a way to break the habit. Ingrid’s method has successfully cured them: she was supportive, responsive and willing to work with us.  We now finally feel safe to walk our […]

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Mid Devon Advertiser coverage

By Ingrid / January 12, 2021 / News & PR / No Comments
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