Bespoke Heel work and recall lesson. 

Have you and your dog been to training lessons, or group classes elsewhere but are still struggling with the training and are not entirely happy with the outcome?

I see many clients who have paid for group classes, or other training lessons but their dog is still not proficient with recall and lead work.Does this sound familiar? Maybe your dog still won’t walk to heel at your side without pulling on the lead, or is your dogs recall unpredictable, and they only come back when they chose to? If so this lesson is for you and your dog.

I can help tidy up the training you’ve already done and by the end of the lesson whatever recall and lead work training issues you had will be resolved. You’ll be able to walk your dog on and off the lead stress free and be confident that they will return on your command. The lessons are tailored to your individual training needs and are 90 minutes in length; all training takes place outside and without the use of treats.

If you think your dog would benefit from this lesson, then please get in touch and we can talk over the issues and work them out. I look forward to hearing from you, Ingrid.