Take your dog out of the firing line

You might think the headline a bit dramatic but every year many owners suffer the shock of seeing their dogs shot by farmers as they chase after livestock.

In just 1 hour I can show you how to cure a dog’s chasing habits for life.

SHEEP-1Often, owners come to me after they’ve been horrified to see their beloved dog career uncontrollably in pursuit of livestock. For some dogs this is just an exciting game when they come across a flock of sheep, but a farmer doesn’t know whether the game will end in bloodshed or simply a field-full of distressed stock – and some will prefer to act first and ask questions later.

Seeing their pet shot is every owner’s worst nightmare, making a walk in the countryside a time of great anxiety – either because the dog is off the leash, or on it and straining to be free.

Conventional methods often can’t work when training a dog not to chase sheep. The crime is often committed a long way from the owner, meaning that when it is caught there is no association in the animal’s mind between the offence and the reprimand.

Punishing the dog in this situation is not a positive action and results in distress for the pet and increasing desperation on the part of the owner. More than once, a heartbroken owner has told me: “If this doesn’t work, I’m afraid we’ll no longer be able to keep him”.

Untitled-1I have my own flock of sheep and a dedicated paddock for teaching, always with the owner present.

It does work, but first you will need to call me to discuss your dog and the problems you are facing so that I recommend the best course of action.

You may remember the internet sensation a few years ago that was ‘Fenton’, the run away Labrador in Richmond Park. As much as it was amusing it was also a very serious situation, don’t let this happen to your dog….watch it here.  

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