No more livestock chasing

By Ingrid / July 28, 2017 / Testimonials / No Comments

I got in contact with Ingrid after struggling with my Springer Spaniel’s urge to chase anything that moved – including sheep. As we live on the Moors, I was constantly worried about being caught out by a sheep my dog noticed before I did and so was having to keep her on the lead the […]

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One in a million!

By Ingrid / July 26, 2017 / Testimonials / No Comments

” I first spoke to Ingrid on the phone as I was interested in getting her help with my 6 month old cocker spaniel puppy Enid…. I admit I was a bit reluctant to think that we could make it work as I am based in London and clearly Ingrid is not! However, after five […]

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Press coverage – Emergency Services Magazine

By Ingrid / July 21, 2017 / News & PR / No Comments

Editorial for On-Call Magazine Summer 2017

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Floral friends

By Ingrid / July 21, 2017 / Blog / No Comments

I was sad to see Enid, my residential dog who has been with me for 4 weeks leave last week. She was such a sweet natured dog and learnt the training so quickly. Her owner was amazed when she picked her up, and off she went back to London. I received these beautiful flowers the […]

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