Twinkle’s Bath time

By Ingrid / January 25, 2017 / Blog / No Comments

My lovely Twinkle is having weekly baths at the moment to help her fur which is falling out due to it being winter and also we think because of the recent loss of her mother. Old Hall vets in Appleby kindly let me use their dog grooming room and Twinkle loves being washed. Here is a lovely […]

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Saffron Maud

By Ingrid / January 4, 2017 / Testimonials / No Comments

This is Saffron Maud, who after one month of residential basic training with me arrived home completely shattered! She worked so hard during  the month and both owner and dog are now a very happy couple enjoying each others company on stress free walks. Saffron Maud will be coming back for her holidays which is good as […]

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