how to train dogs not to chase sheep

Training Your Dog Not To Chase Sheep

Dogs are driven to chase sheep because, for them, it is normal, exciting behaviour. However for the sheep it can mean suffering – emotionally as well as physically.

Farmers can experience financial loss and the dogs risk being injured or killed by the farmer.

Dogs will become more addicted and skilled at chasing the more they have the opportunity to do it, so it is vital that they are trained to resist this tempting behaviour.

Dog owners should also be aware that they may be committing a criminal offence in allowing their dogs to chase livestock; under the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953, owners whose dogs worry livestock on agricultural land can be punished.

Conventional methods often won’t work when training a dog not to chase sheep. The crime is often committed a long way from the owner, meaning that when it is caught there is no association in the animal’s mind between the offence and the reprimand.

Luckily help is at hand. In just 1 hour I can show you how to cure a dog’s chasing habits for life.

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