“Wow what a life saver!
I travelled 50 miles to meet Ingrid and my only regret was that I didn’t find her sooner. I never thought my two 5yr old sibling German Pointers would ever be able to walk off lead together. They were notoriously escaping the garden and running off for hours on end. They worked as a pack to chase deer and sheep so to change their habits seemed impossible.

Ingrid gave me the tools, training and confidence to teach the dogs how to behave so we now enjoy walks off lead through fields, woods and moorland without the fear of them running off.

I was very stressed when I met Ingrid and her reassuring manner made me believe that this could actually work.

I persevered with the two dogs initially separately then together and could not believe the results.

Ingrid, you said this would change my life & it certainly has – thank you!”

Liz, Chili & Pepper

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