I got in contact with Ingrid after struggling with my Springer Spaniel’s urge to chase anything that moved – including sheep. As we live on the Moors, I was constantly worried about being caught out by a sheep my dog noticed before I did and so was having to keep her on the lead the majority of the time – no fun for either of us.

Ingrid explained her process clearly to me on the phone and put me at ease right away. On the day of the training, she was incredibly friendly and helpful and my dog was immediately a reformed character. Not only does she no longer chase sheep, Ingrid also took extra time to help me with other aspects of her training which I had always thought were a lost cause.

By the end of the day, my dog was walking to heel on and off the lead and immediately coming back when called. An absolute miracle! Would highly recommend Ingrid and will certainly return when I am next in need of assistance. Thanks Ingrid!



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