” I first spoke to Ingrid on the phone as I was interested in getting her help with my 6 month old cocker spaniel puppy Enid…. I admit I was a bit reluctant to think that we could make it work as I am based in London and clearly Ingrid is not! However, after five minutes on the phone I knew that I had to make it happen. Ingrid speaks with such enthusiasm, passion and most importantly knowledge. As I was going away for a few weeks it made sense for Enid to go and stay and have some residential training and so the drive North was put in the diary!!

Arriving at Ingrid’s idyllic house and seeing the set up soon put my nerves at ease about leaving Enid there; it is a magical spot that every dog would be lucky to visit. Ingrid’s very warm welcome meant I knew Enid would continue to get lots of cuddles!

During the month Ingrid kept me completely up to date and I spoke to her about Enid’s progress which was very reassuring. It was clear that Ingrid was going above and beyond what I could have ever expected and ensuring that Enid got training relevant to my lifestyle in the city; so trips to the local town were part of her itinerary and the results speak for themselves. After a month’s stay Enid has come home looking unbelievably well with all her spirit still intact, the only difference being it is totally manageable! Everything that wasn’t right when I left her with Ingrid is now perfect; no more chasing pigeons round the park with me in hot pursuit.

Ingrid must have worked tirelessly all month to produce such a beautifully obedient dog and I am so grateful for all that she has done, I cannot recommend her highly enough and I am now in an incredibly fortunate position where I have a very happy, well trained puppy which makes me excited and not nervous for the future adventures that are to come.

Thank you Ingrid, you are one in a million!

Emma, and Enid – London

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