Our lovely, lively three-year-old cockapoo Tilly has many great characteristics but recall was not one of them. She liked to do her own thing off lead and to go wherever she wanted in search of exciting sniffs and things to chase. At three years and still on the end of the training lead and quite intense efforts at training, Ingrid was recommended to us and after we followed her strict regime we now have a very happy, obedient dog that is secure in her place in the pack hierarchy and will come back as soon as recalled. We are now enjoying walks off lead in the woods and on the fells that we could only previously dreamed of. The instruction was very clear and our input quite intense.

We cannot thank you enough Ingrid, and we are delighted with the outcome of the training. Tilly is being very good and we have been walking off lead in the woods and on the Yorkshire Showground. She is coming back when recalled and will now sit and stay at a distance. She is walking obediently to heel and we now see walks as a pleasure rather than a duty”

Many Thanks – Allan & Jennifer Mackay

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