I ran a successful kennels in North Yorkshire for 12 years and decided to become a trainer in 2012.  It was something I had always wanted to do but didn’t want to do ‘treat’ based training as I had never had food motivated dogs.  I found Ingrid on the internet and her training was so straightforward and practical, I found it most inspiring.

I decided to book onto the Train The Trainer course and spent 3 days in her care and learned so much. I had plenty of background, hands-on experience, dealing with the kennel dogs but no format for training.  Ingrid helped me complete the puzzle by showing me techniques and vocabulary to produce confident and well trained dogs and then an ability to teach the owners to maintain it.

I have recently sold the kennels and have a complete new business walking and training dogs and Ingrid and I work together, especially with residential training dogs.  She is always there for help and advice and we particularly work closely during the ‘livestock’ period.
The training has opened up a whole new world of dogs for me and I am loving it!​

Liz Rycroft
Graduate of Train The Trainer course

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