“Ingrid, your guidance and support training Rex has been invaluable, and we are so happy with the results.

Rex has been amazing since we saw you, he is more attentive and he’s even been on the moors a few times. He still seems to be fighting his inner demons when it comes to the grouse, pheasants etc and he makes a couple of strides in their direction. However the difference is this time with our commands he thinks twice, the other day he walked within 8 feet of sheep and didn’t flinch (he was obviously on a lead to be sure).

Rex and myself completed the Yorkshire 3 peaks last week, it’s a tough walk but it was made so much easier as I rarely had to pull him back to heel on the lead – we do seem to be linking more with him now. Thanks Ingrid, for helping a rescue dog and owners bond in a way which we never thought was possible”.

Mark & Susie Wood & Rex

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