“About 12 months ago I bought a Toller who I was advised was the boisterous one in litter. Thinking smugly to myself I thought that I had the skills to train “Scout” myself to a high standard but not taking into consideration that I work, my wife was overjoyed as the realisation set in that it would be her to take the brunt of the training.  Scout was trained to a decent level but it got the point that taking him out for walks wasn’t as enjoyable as we had hoped as he would run off and pull on his lead. Recall wasn’t as good as it should have been.

We came across Ingrid who lived fairly locally to us. We met with Ingrid and felt really confident in her abilities to take Scout’s training to the next level. We decided that a 4 week residential course would be the appropriate for Scout.  We dropped him off and throughout the 4 weeks Ingrid kept us updated on his progress with emails and telephone calls.

The 4 weeks went quickly and after we were trained for a few hours we were able to take Scout home.  Scout has not lost any of his mischievous personality but the control that Ingrid put in place with her great training has enabled both myself and my wife to really start to enjoy walking with him again confident in our abilities to control him in any situation.
Thanks again for all your help.

Darren Mills & Scott

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