“You should have got another Labrador!!, that was my husband’s constant rebuke when realisation of the full implications of owning a hypo active Lakeland terrier! She chased sheep and cows; in fact she chased anything that moved, usually with the soul intention of killing it.It was in my total desperation that I travelled 80 plus miles north to see Ingrid Grayling.

After one full days tuition in Cumbria, for the next month I spent 2 hours a day following Ingrid’s training schedule. After a month it was time for the second stage of the training plan which was to stop Cassy chasing livestock. Now six weeks after my initial meeting I have a completely reformed dog. She is an absolute pleasure to take out. She is obedient on or off the lead and I can walk through a flock of sheep with her off the lead without fear of mass murder.

The transformation Ingrid initiated in Cassy’s behavior was nothing less than miraculous.”

 Joan Slater, August 2010

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