Summer happiness

July 31, 2014 / No Comments

There’s nothing better than long summers evening with warm sunshine and clear skies. I took...

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New life in Crosby

July 21, 2014 / No Comments

My neighbours dog had a beautiful litter recently and I was delighted to be asked to go and see t...

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Passports at the ready!

July 2, 2014 / No Comments

Here is a lovely picture of ‘Molly’ and ‘Prue’ from Appleby, two of my tr...

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Dogs in Paradise

June 1, 2014 / No Comments

June is here again and the show season is starting to take off – let’s hope we have g...

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Training Types

April 25, 2014 / No Comments

This way or that way? I read with interest in one of the Sunday papers last weekend an article ab...

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Wet, wet, wet

March 1, 2014 / No Comments

The fields here in Cumbria, as is the case everywhere throughout the country, are water logged, m...

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Good Relationships

February 1, 2014 / No Comments

Here we are in February again – it’s cold and wet as usual, and after the high winds we exp...

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New arrivals….

December 1, 2013 / No Comments

Christmas is nearly here again and already it feels very festive with the very cold and frosty mo...

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