“Thanks to Ingrid’s fabulous  dog training course I now enjoy my walks with Charlie my cocker spaniel who is13 months old.
Prior to Charlie’s training, walking was stressful and extremely challenging not to mention bad behaviour at home too. Charlie’s adolescence had kicked in and I don’t know what I would have done without Ingrid’s help.
From the beginning Ingrid’s training method was easy to follow with specific steps to achieve before progressing onto the next level. I was given all the necessary equipment plus written instructions to follow at home. Ingrid is friendly, approachable but above all very professional. Ingrid’s teaching was very clear and precise with plenty of practice and encouragement from Ingrid herself.
In the past I had been given difficult, confusing  and misleading tips which had clearly failed but now 4 weeks into training Charlie is a transformed little dog, walking to heel, coming when called, NO sheep chasing which was making me frantic as we are surrounded by fields and even fowl and hares are loosing their interest as long as i have my watchful attention on him. Home life too has calmed down with him sitting and waiting even before food which he normally guzzled down at full speed. So a big thank you Ingrid, money definitely well spent.”
Debra Esterhuizen, June 2014
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