What a difference 2 months makes!

After an extremely stressful run-in with a field of sheep and some desperate googling, I stumbled across Ingrid and I’m so glad I did! Ingrid immediately reassured me that she could help, however, I didn’t quite believe her when she said we could stop George’s love for livestock in just 6 weeks.

Of course, Ingrid was right and we now have a well-behaved dog that walks to heel on and off the lead. George has stopped chasing sheep, deer, hares and pheasants and we can now enjoy walks with our furry four-legged friend by our side. He is also much calmer and seems to know his place in the pack. We look back and see the previous hierarchy of the home has been completely turned on its head and we feel in control.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ingrid as her methods definitely work, however, it takes a huge amount of time, dedication and a good raincoat! The training was very challenging at times, especially with a full-time job and planning a wedding, however, it was well worth it and will be keeping up the training going forward.

Thank you Ingrid. What a difference 2 months makes.

Katie, George (and Niall)

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