“We felt we wanted to recontact you Ingrid. You trained our 2 Border Terriers and also looked after them for several years whilst we went on holiday.

We would like to thank you for all the training, care and attention you gave to Mac & Bracken over the years. You turned 2 wayward brats into happy, well behaved dogs and us into firm and confident owners. We remember your comment from our 1st training session – “Lovely dogs, but you’ve ruined them” 😊

We lost Bracken 2 years ago aged 14 and today we said goodbye to Mac aged 15 1/2. They were both active until the end though slow with age. Mac still enjoyed a twice daily walk despite being completely blind for the last few months.

We received many compliments over the years about the dogs being calm and well behaved and we always told people it was down to your training. We shall be looking for a new dog in the next month or so, maybe even 2 dogs. We still have our notes from our time with you, so when the time comes, we’ll once again be doing things your way!”

Best wishes, Sue & Hugh Templeman

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