“I am so pleased I took the decision to go and see Ingrid. We were in a downward spiral with our 6 month- old puppy becoming more and more out of control. It was starting to limit what we could do with her, which was upsetting as we wanted her join us in as many things as possible as part of our family.

Ingrid suggested some things straight away which I know have hugely helped, and then, with some serious commitment from me the progress has been great. The first part of the training can seem a little relentless, but I realise now that it laid the key foundation for the whole process – so keep at it!!

Willow now knows I am the boss and comes to me whatever she is doing. Walking her is a pleasure again and not stressful anymore!! I have also started to enjoy training her and seeing what she can do. I would definitely recommend Ingrid – she is a lovely lady and dogs instantly love her and want to please her.”

Thanks and best wishes
Helen Hayward

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