“I started training Rhyder my Border Collie cross Kelpie with Ingrid when he was 10 months old. After trying other training methods and not getting anywhere, Rhyder was unruly. He had no recall skills, he would chase and bark at cars, he pulled badly on the lead, he jumped up at people, knocking them over sometimes.

On our first visit to see Ingrid, she gave us a simple training method and a schedule to stick to, I feel the way in which the training program was laid out was the recipe to success. The follow up sessions allow to assess your progress and move onto the next stage successfully. Ingrid was always extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly answering my many questions.

I now have a dog who is a joy to be around, I am proud to walk and most importantly he listens to me. This training has changed our relationship massively, I love spending time with him all the time, and no longer panic when a distraction arises that would of previously ruined a walk. Thank you so much for all your help Ingrid”.

K Edwards and Rhyder.

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