“In December 2013 we took ownership of an eight week old yellow Labrador pup (Sol), and eight weeks later we also took ownership of Edison, an eight week old black Labrador pup.

Myself Les, and my wife Lynn (a couple of novice dog trainers), were looking forward to a future with a pair of well behaved family pets and working gun dog boys!………. How na├»ve we both had been to think that that the training of our boys would be a simple and stress free process!

After two years of stressful training sessions with headstrong hormonal boys, and trying various training techniques sourced from other dog handlers and several books and magazines, we had to admit defeat and look for professional help.

How glad we are that Ingrid’s website was one of the first that we came across! After a telephone conversation with Ingrid we booked a training session, and after a two hour session of basic obedience training, and a week of training at home, the change in our two boys was unbelievable! This change was not only to our boys, the change it made to our lives as owners resulted in a much more relaxed atmosphere all round!

Now a further three sessions down the line with Ingrid, our two boys are great! They walk to heel together, respond to whistle commands for sit, recall and stop, and are totally reliable in a field of sheep.

We are now in the retriever stage of training, and the work with the dummies is progressing really well. We are looking forward to our first season of picking up in the autumn, all of which would not have been possible without Ingrid’s help!”

Les and Lynn Crump, and Edi and Sol.

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