“Ingrid had trained our first dog some five years earlier. At the time we had enquired as to who the best local trainers were and the same name kept being recommended to us, Ingrid Grayling. We were so pleased with the results we didn’t hesitate to contact her for assistance with our second exceedingly strong willed working Labrador.Ted had started life on the farm and as the last in the litter had spent much of his time alone, developing the very difficult habit to cure of eating things he shouldn’t! He was a real alpha male, very intelligent, and as such constantly pushing the boundaries; in much need of a little more than the standard training we were capable of.

Having full confidence in Ingrid’s methods, and in the knowledge that Ted would be safe and happy, we opted for the 4 week residential course, knowing he would return to us a more manageable dog, but also hoping that his annoying habit may be lessened. We returned to Ingrid to collect Ted one month later, confident but a little nervous, and ready for our morning of essential refresher training (we had spent time with Ingrid with our previous dog so weren’t complete novices).  Ted was sitting quietly 50 yards down the lane, off the lead, following every one of the usual commands given by Ingrid,  We were thrilled.  To say she has worked wonders is an understatement. Here was a calm, hardworking and biddable dog.  5 months later, Ted still has impeccable manners, and his unsocial habit never returned.  Without Ingrid’s input we would have really struggled with Ted.  He is a happy and polite dog, who now enjoys his life to the full, with more freedom than we would have ever been able to give him due to his, and Ingrid’s hard work, and our trust in his ability and behaviour.  Ted has since returned to Ingrid purely for a holiday, loving ever minute of it, loving being worked and completely contented.  I think that is testament enough!

Catherine, Jeremy and Ted

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