“I’m a  seven month old border collie who lives in Aspatria. I became really enthusiastic about the area around me and was torn between listening to my owner or running away to do what I wanted!

I did that once to often and my owner contacted Ingrid to see if she could help us. My owner was scared that I might get killed, or shot for chasing sheep. Ingrid showed my owner over the three sessions how to make me listen to her and make me want to make her happy. With lots of commitment and hard work from both of us, following Ingrid’s instructions to the letter, I now listen and follow my owner’s command, but we both know that we need to continue these exercises regularly to make sure I don’t forget!!
P.S. My owner is also happy because she now has the knowledge to train any other dogs she might own in the future.

Thank you Ingrid” 

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