I have a 12 month old Labrador called Dodger, who lives up to his name. Despite this he is my world and I think here in lies the problem-ME!!!!!! Dogs aren’t born bad or unruly, but due to my lack of knowledge or being too soft on him Dodger started to play up in lots of ways to the point that mum and I were at the end of our tether and starting to discuss having to re home Dodger with someone who could control him(this thought alone bring tears to my eyes as I think about it!)

I had been to another trainer in my local area, but he was more interested in dating my sister and just used to say ‘I was doing fab’ as I was being dragged along behind the lead. After six months of getting nowhere we really were beginning to worry. I couldn’t have friends come to the house as Dodger would jump up at them and put muddy paw marks or even worse rip their clothes!Walks were a nightmare and his behaviour with our older Lab was alarming – this is when I met Ingrid Grayling at The Garstang Show.
Ingrid discussed her various training plans and what was best for Dodger, me and most of all my budget (to be honest at this point whatever money it would of taken, both mum and I would of some how found and paid). Both mum and I talked to her and she answered all our questions and wasn’t pussy, bossy or in anyway looking at me as a pound sign, as I had found other trainers.

For me it was how she interacted with Dodger on that day – I could tell she was a dog woman by the way she handled him, the softness but firmness in her voice and her kindness as she stroked him (don’t ask me to try and explain, but somehow I just knew).

We signed up for training and found dates that best fit in with our work pattern so we could give our all to this training. Ingrid said if I followed the training pattern then I couldn’t fail. So with these words ringing in our ears off we set. Dodger and I walked up and down our drive, walking to heel and sitting every day, three half hours a day for two weeks. I got to the point where I knew every stone on my drive and longed to do something new or exciting!!!!! but I persevered and soon I saw improvements.
Dodger no longer pushed to get out the door first or ran under the hedge to get out before me, he sat and waited for my commands. We continued our training and soon the once unthinkable was happening before my very eyes-our Dodger was walking to heel off the lead and returning to my command. Not only that I was looking like an owner who could control her dog – if you’ve ever had a dog like Dodger you’ll know how much joy and relief that last sentence has brought me.

Dodger and I are now a controlled and happy dog and owner – don’t get me wrong we have our slip ups (mainly cause I’m still a bit soft) but I can’t thank Ingrid enough. She emails every now and again to check up on our progress and to remind me if I have any problems she’s just at the end of a phone. I hope you find this review helpful and good luck in your training.

Julie and Dodger

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