We got our beautiful  chocolate Labrador, Stanley, as 8 week-old puppy and had him socialised early, attending puppy classes and following on from then further training with a local dog trainer who (as so many these days) uses a reward-based training method. Despite the training and our best efforts things started to fall apart very soon. Our dog was very unsettled, overly boisterous, difficult around other dogs, impossible to be walked on a lead, constantly barking in the car and whining when left in the kitchen at night – a complete nightmare!

My partner had quite a lot of experience, having owned labradors and other dogs in the past but never had come across such problems. We ended up having the dog trainer come in to assess the situation. When she suggested a dietary change and Bach’s remedies my personal threshold was reached and I knew it was time to try a different dog trainer. Thankfully we heard about Ingrid Grayling and arranged an appointment – it was a revelation!

Things started to significantly improve even during the first encounter. What followed consisted of several weeks of very hard work for us and Stanley but the result was certainly worth all the effort. Our dog is now a joy to behold. He walks well on and off the lead, doesn’t chase livestock and immediately returns to whistle signal. He is calm when left alone and we could get rid of the dreaded ‘crate’ in the kitchen. There are still some minor glitches and he remains a lively dog but with Ingrid’s instruction we now know what to do. I highly recommend Ingrid Grayling to anyone who is serious about do training. Thank you, Ingrid!

Dr M Tautz, January 2014

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