“This is a picture of me and ‘Summer’ my 3 year old dog who are about to start a new and happy life in the Eden Valley, thanks to dog training the Grayling Way!

Summer is my third Springer, the calmest of the three I have, but a terrible chaser of everything that moves and a nightmare to walk on the lead. Or I should say was! Ingrid’s training regime is not for the uncommitted or feint hearted, it’s for those who want a dog to fit into their lifestyle, whilst been happy, fulfilled and confident with a handler who’s as committed to them as they are in return.

I think Ingrid will have more difficulty with us two legged folk than she’ll ever have with the four legged variety, but like all relationships, you only
reap what you sow, or for those of us in the know, it’s like Weight Watchers, a way of life and achieving your goal!

Thank you Ingrid, we’ve enjoyed every minute of the training with you”.

Deborah Nixon & Summer

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