I’m sure you’ve all seen the devastation that has swept Cumbria in the past few days due to Storm Desmond. I have been fortunate enough that my house and village hasn’t been affected as much as some places nearby – it is so devastating for everyone who has, many of my friends and local businesses I use have been affected with some people having to evacuate their homes.

In true British form though it is comforting to see how everyone is rallying around to assist each other. There have been numerous food banks and donation lines set-up and I read this great article on the BBC website “How Kindness is keeping Cumbria afloat”, so many people have dedicated time and money over the past days to help others it really does make you feel proud to be British and part of such a wonderful and caring community. There have been some amazing photographs also depicting the flooding – this one caught my eye (no guesses why!) One man and his dog (not forgetting his dog food of course)!

Read the BBC article here – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-35026650

You can donate via this website –www.cumbriafoundation.org/archives/8414


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