“Thank you Ingrid for such a great training course with Darcie. Since we left you we’ve been out everyday with great success, Darcie now comes back every time and is sitting at distance. Her walking to heel is so much better too! All in all a great transition into home environment so thanks so much for everything – I was panicking she would think ‘sod this’ I’ll do what I want. At first sometimes she needs a gentle reminder on the whistle to come but after that al is PERFECT, it’s all a bit new and exciting I think.
Again thank you so much Ingrid, she is a dream. I do think she missed you for first couple of days as she was quite subdued but is now integrating well. I have also noticed that she is so much more calm and not pestering Louie for ruff and tumble and barking at any noise which is great.

Matt, Nat, Louie and Darcie, April 2014

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