“The situation with our dog was critical! Meg our dog had chased ewes that were in lamb, and subsequently two miscarried and died.

It was awful, the police were involved, but we avoided prosecution by going down the ‘restorative justice’ route. It was made clear, however, that could only be done once, and if Meg were to re-offend, we would definitely be prosecuted. She was also placed on the South Yorkshire police’s ‘dangerous dogs’ register. We had to take immediate action and that is when we found Ingrid Grayling – we saw her website and knew the service she offered ‘anti-livestock chasing ‘ was what we need. The rest is history….!

We have done the training with Ingrid now and are amazed and delighted! Meg now walks to heel on the lead with no halti, and we’ve had some lovely off lead walks when she’s come back every time she’s been called and hasn’t once done a disappearing act! We’ve walked off lead on a moorland path with sheep on both sides just 20ft or so away, and she’s not been interested in chasing them. We also walk most days past the deer enclosure near our house and again she doesn’t show any interest in them.

We went to see Ingrid feeling that we must give Meg a chance but not really believing things could change, and she would spend the rest of her life on the lead.  We are so grateful to her for showing us how that could be turned around, and giving her – and us! – a new quality of life.

Thank you, Chris & Marilyn (and Meg)

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