Myself and Mylo came from Shetland to visit Ingrid. A few weeks prior to visiting Ingrid Mylo ran into a farmers field and chased the sheep with the farmer watching from his tractor. This was an awful experience that I knew could never be repeated for his sake as well as mine.Ingrid was very understanding and welcomed us into her home. We started the basic training in the morning- Ingrid explained that this normally take a few weeks however as I lived so far away she would teach me so I could carry them out in Shetland.

Within an hour Mylo was walking to heal and responding to whistle commands. In the afternoon we went to visit the sheep. Within around 2 minutes he was no longer interested in the sheep. Most sheep in Shetland are not fenced in and it was making walks off the lead very difficult. I can now take Mylo anywhere without worrying about the sheep. I cant thank Ingrid enough and now me and Mylo have very fun stress free walks together!

L.Bird & Mylo, Shetland
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