“Margaret and I met Ingrid at the Cumberland Show and arranged to take out unruly little Dog-de-Bordeaux for training. On arrival at Ingrid’s Schuemy took Margaret for a run down the road to Ingrid’s shock and horror declaring that this was most unacceptable with which we agreed.

A programme of training was set up and six weeks later after three visits to Ingrid we now have a dog which is totally under control, can walk off the lead through a field of sheep. The difference is frankly unbelievable and from a dog which we loved but worried every time we took him out or had visitors we now have a good friendly pet. Being 10 stone he was too much for Margaret to control but now she can walk him with confidence and enjoy the experience.

Ingrid has been friendly, organised and totally professional in all the training and has surpassed all our expectations and having experienced other trainers we can honestly recommend her to anyone who has a problem dog or like us knows little of how to train their pet. Ingrid honestly explains that she trains the owner rather than the dog and following her instructions you cannot fail”.

Margaret & George Rutherford

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