Harvey was a nervous dog after losing his companion. His behaviour changed outdoors and he would be unpredictable in his reactions to people and things, especially anything with wheels. At home he was a loving cuddly boy but as soon as he saw or heard anyone around the house he would bark and run at them.
My nerves were on edge because of this so his world was becoming narrower as I only walked him where and when I knew he’d be safe. I had tried sessions with 3 different trainers, with all of them he was great but then we couldn’t keep it up no matter how much we tried. I then heard about Ingrid and since she has worked with him  the change is astonishing, it has all just clicked into place.
Obviously I have to keep up her good work  but she has taught me well so my hopes are very high. Harvey is more and more the dog he used to be before his loss and his world is once again opening up  he is so much happier and again enjoying the  interaction  with people we meet . I can’t recommend Ingrid highly enough I needn’t have worried leaving him at her kennels for the first time  Harveys tail wagged constantly as he worked with her so for him it was a very positive experience in every way  and I will have no hesitation in  sending him back for some active holidays  in Cumbria  with Ingrid.
Margaret Reilly and Harvey
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