I have been desperate with my German pointer I was thinking that I wouldn’t be able to keep her, and I love her dearly but she has been¬† a nightmare to handle. I went to the village hall classes that was useless as it was training with treats so she wasn’t interested in me only what was in my pocket. I tried another trainer who claimed she could help me I didn’t like her methods as she was very heavy¬†handed with my dog and then through asking around a bit more I found Ingrid Grayling whose name came up time and time again.
I went up to Cumbria and found a very professional down to earth lovely lady who obviously had a way with dogs and people. Within half an hour of our first lesson my lovely Pointer was calm and relaxed and walking to heel without treats, a miracle! We are now into our third week of training and its working – I am tired as it’s hard work but to see the results so quickly and to have a happy dog is worth it.
Thank goodness I found Ingrid. If you are looking for a proper trainer then go to Ingrid its worth the journey.

Mrs Camberwell
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