“A huge thank you Ingrid for showing us the right way to get results with our 9 month old GSD Duke.

From a boisterous hooligan who continually challenged everything and would disappear into the distance given half a chance, we now have an obedient pup who is a pleasure to take out. He’s always aware of where we are, and comes back reliably when called.
We could never have dreamt of him being off lead near livestock, but after your training he is calm & doesn’t even think about chasing.

Still got some work to do at home on cats, but if our cat didn’t torment him with such glee I think we would have got there too!
The training is hard work but it’s given us a future full of enjoying Duke instead of battling with him, plus a foundation for training any other dogs we have in future – we all learnt such a lot & it’s changed not only his behaviour but ours too. You are a truly amazing teacher & a lovely person – thank you so much.
Hope that helps, and really pleased to hear romance is blossoming!
Cath, and Duke
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