This is Max, our two year old standard poodle, walking obediently to heel off the lead. Not so long ago he was completely out of control…..then we discovered Ingrid. In truth I was sceptical that anyone could resolve all Max’s issues with just a day’s training but out of desperation and at our wits’ end we thought we’d give it a try.

Ingrid spent the day training us, rather than Max. She patiently and methodically ensured that we ended the day’s training fully equipped with all the techniques needed to produce a biddable, obedient and well-behaved dog. That was stage one. Stage two takes a little longer. For a full half hour four times every day without fail, our part of the bargain was to apply Ingrid’s training techniques for a full month which we duly did. It was surprising how quickly we adapted to this routine and how noticeable was Max’s daily improvement. By the month’s end Max was ready to return to Ingrid for his livestock training – we can now confidently walk him off lead through sheep fields without fear of chasing.

Much to our surprise and relief, Max is a changed dog. He comes when we call him, sits when we ask him, no longer pulls on the lead or jumps on furniture. He still has his moments when the occasional reminder is in order but overall our time with Ingrid has proved a most worthwhile investment and delivered a most companionable pet. Thank you so much Ingrid, not least for preserving our sanity!

Clive and Lelia Mitchell

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