Mist, my border collie, is a failed working sheep dog of around two years old. We rescued her last December. She is a gorgeous dog. For eight months I tried in vain to stop her pulling on the lead and wanting to chase livestock.

Ingrid had been recommended to me in the past so I decided to go to her for livestock training. She suggested that I do the six week course to overcome other problems.

We have just completed the course which was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Ingrid is very professional in her work, with a warm, friendly and caring approach. After each session we went away for two weeks to practise the work we had done. It is very repetitive, but necessarily so. Ingrid has a ‘no nonsense’ approach and gets results.

The anti-livestock chasing work has been amazing. I can now walk through a field of sheep with Mist off of the lead with no worries.

It will be necessary to continually reinforce the work we have done during the weeks ahead to keep Mist in check – I would thoroughly recommend this course!

Vivien Hicks, and Mist 

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