We contacted Ingrid having had problems with our Springer Spaniel Luna since she was a young pup. As soon as we let Luna off the lead she would sprint away from us and seek out a scent to follow or an animal or bird to chase. We would loose sight of her within seconds and she could sometimes be gone for up to 20 minutes without us knowing where she was or what she was chasing. This behaviour only got worse as she got older (now 18 months) and we were desperate for help.

After one phone conversation with Ingrid we knew she was the right person to help us train our dog. We carried out the 6 week basic training course which was intense and incredibly hard work but within days we noticed a significant difference in Luna. She was calm, steady and obedient, all the things Ingrid told us she would be. She can now sit and stay, walk to heel beautifully on and off the lead, come back to the whistle and won’t go anywhere near a sheep let alone chase one.

We never thought we would see the day where Luna would walk safely and obediently with us. We are now starting to enjoy walks for the first time since we got her. We are so very grateful, thank you Ingrid.

Rachel Woolley & Luna

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