“We recently completed our training with Ingrid and we couldn’t be happier with Elka’s progress.
Previously Elka would be very distracted by various smells and not return to us on the recall until she seen fit. Walking off the lead to heal would also be a challenge as Elka would always be away and exploring as soon as she was off the lead.

Since finishing training Elka is more alert to the whistle and returns to us promptly on recall, she is walking to heal off the lead; which in such a short period of time seems a miracle! Elka also seems so much happier and calmer now, both in and out of the house.

The livestock training has been very effective and the issue of her chasing sheep has been quickly resolved.
Although the training plan was very easy to follow it was still a big commitment in fitting the training sessions in throughout the day. Ingrid was very patient with us and was always just a phone call away for advice. I was recommended Ingrid by a friend and I will definitely be recommending her to others.
Thank you again Ingrid for all of your help.”

Paul & Becky

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