On Sunday 1st June 2014 I delivered my 15 month old Cocker Spaniel, “Alfie”, to begin a month of “boot camp” training with Ingrid Grayling.
It was a tough decision sending him away but the truth is he was out of control. For several months prior, I had been unable to let him off his lead since the second he saw an open space ….. HE WAS GONE! He would run, full speed, ears flying in the wind, through grass, hedges, ponds, gardens, across fields and through bogs, he would run and run and run but the problem was (of course) HE WOULD NOT COME BACK!
If I could still see him he was a speck in the distance and I would spend anxious tracts of time screaming his name and walking miles to find him. He thought he was a very clever boy.
Three months have passed since we dropped him off with Ingrid. I still have a Cocker Spaniel called “Alfie” …. he’s still full of fun and character and he still has a cheeky personality but that’s where the similarities with the old Alfie cease. This “new improved Alfie” now walks around our village OFF THE LEAD! …. he returns to me instantly however far away he is, he will sit and stay to order and walk to heel beautifully.
I cannot tell you how much his behaviour is admired by other walkers and dog owners (“Will you come and train mine next? …. or …. “Do you train wives and kids as well mate?”) Of course I let them believe that I am 100% responsible for this charming, well behaved creature and I never put them straight.
But the truth is it is Ingrid Grayling who has brought about this change, during Alfie’s stay with her we were kept abreast of the work going on, the like of which ¬†would be daunting for a woman half Ingrid’s age but she takes it all in her stride and puts the hours (and hours and hours and hours) of work in. In addition it became clear that she loved our mischievous little friend and he loved her. I honestly believe he actually enjoyed his training experience.
I could go on for hours about how satisfied I am but let me finish by saying I have enjoyed walking Alfie more since he came back from Ingrid’s than the whole of the time before his visit. If that’s not value for money I don’t know what is!!
Thank you Ingrid.
Sallie, Peter Corbett (and of course Alfie!!!!!)
Cheshire August 2014
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