Just thought I would let you know how Meg and I are getting on following our day course with you on Monday.
On Tuesday morning we set off early and headed up the Gatescarth Pass above Haweswater. There were sheep all over the fell side but Meg gave them only a passing glance. We came round a corner on the track and a young sheep jumped up right in front of us, saw Meg and ran off. Meg set off after it but I did the recall you taught me and she came back. She really seemed to have a got the message because we passed loads of sheep during the rest of the day and Meg gave them all a very wide berth.
We camped in Buttermere on Tuesday night and sheep were wandering about the site. Meg was tethered to her ‘corkscrew’ in the ground but none of the sheep came near her, nor did Meg try to chase them. Before, she would have ripped the corkscrew out of the ground!
On Wednesday we did a big walk on the fells above Buttermere. Although Meg would stop and ‘set’ herself when she saw sheep in the distance, when we got anywhere near them she dropped back behind me and had to be coaxed forwards. On a couple of occasions I actively encouraged her to chase them but she was not interested. We came back up to Ayrshire today as I want to expose Meg to the horses and riders on the local beach. If we get the chance we’ll go over to Arran and search for some deer over the weekend.
Many thanks for your help so far Ingrid.
Thanks again and best regards, Ian and Meg
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