We got in touch with Ingrid, thanks to friends, at a time when it was clear we weren’t able to trust our dogs off the lead.

Our feeling that we were heading for the last chance saloon probably helped us commit to the time and concentration needed to follow the programme Ingrid gave us. If you are considering working with her, you do need to put in this time – and you need to push through the boredom!

There will be times when you can’t believe you are walking the same 15-yard loop for the zillionth time, and times when your dog wants to tell you that it knows very well what to do, and can’t you just cut it short and go out to the woods…..

If you do stick at it, your dog will be transformed!! What is equally important is that you will also be transformed! All those hours will have reset your expectations into muscle-memory, and your dog responds as much to your invisible signals as to your voice and whistle.

Like us, you will find that you walk confidently, with your dog off the lead, past cows, horses, sheep, other dogs – anything that used to be problematic.

We are just enormously grateful to Ingrid!


Paul & Birte

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