“Ingrid, Misty is doing really well, you did a tremendous job on her. We are working hard with her on and off the lead, including the kids. She seems better off the lead but she is a pure pleasure all the same. Luckily she loves puddles and being down by the river when she has a long walk. She is adorable and a total delight to own.  I am so proud of her every day when I take her out walking – and that is with me at the helm.  I can only imagine what she could do under your command.

I already feel confident walking her to heel on the streets both on and off the lead.  Once away from the streets she goes off to play and is pretty consistent at sitting at a distance and being recalled on the whistle.  She is great at “leaving things”.  People are blown away by how well behaved she is. She is an absolute delight to walk.  It has been such a pleasure to see her having fun in the wet (and there has been lots of it) and dry.  Through woods, in rivers, along tow paths etc etc.  She is a joy. I am sure there will be some useful reminders and improvement points you can give me when we see you in February but in the meantime thank you very much for such a great job that you have done with her.

Here is the picture we took of you and her”.

Kate Cherrill and John McAuliffe





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