These three Labradors have just finished working. They are all looking very pleased with themselves as they know that they have done a very good job of picking up the training dummies.

dogs_bMr Crump is a very good client of mine and a few months ago he came with his Labradors for basic training having finished his 6 weeks training he then continued with the hard work that he had put in for another few months. He came back again and we started our gun dog work which is still on going .

The yellow Labrador is called Sol and the larger black one is Eddie the smaller one is mine, Twinkle, she is an experienced gun dog and has been picking up on our local shoot for several years,. Twinkle is also very competitive and likes to show off her skills!

We had all had a really good afternoon that day and I just couldn’t resist taking the photo of them all they were all so well behaved as the boys had only just met Twinkle 20 min before this pic was taken.

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