Like many others who have turned to Ingrid, our 14 month old dog Cooper was getting out of control. Unable to let him off the lead on walks unless we were in a completely safe area with no other dogs, people or livestock around.
On the lead, he would pull constantly and the whole experience was becoming tense and no fun for Cooper or us. We finally did something about it when Cooper escaped into a field with sheep. No animals were hurt but it wasn’t nice for the sheep and could have been much worse for Cooper had we not known the farmer.

Sitting down with Ingrid we were instantly felt re-assured and only wished we had met her 6 months earlier. I remember her saying “At the end of this training I expect Cooper to be calm, walk at heal on and off the lead with no straying. To walk off the lead remaining in your vicinity and recall every time”. I smiled politely but on the inside, I was thinking, but we have a dog that has a mind of his own and finds the world outside of his garden an exciting place to run and explore. Much more interesting than walking at heel!

But here we are, after 6 weeks of intensive and enjoyable training, having the best time with Cooper. He loves the freedom he now has on walks being able to explore the world around him but is safe and under complete control. Most importantly for us, he no longer shows any interest in sheep/lambs and is happy to walk on by. Our life with Cooper has been transformed and we can’t thank Ingrid enough.

Darren & Alison & Cooper

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