Lily, our golden retriever was a menace (of our own creation) barking constantly at home, pulling on the lead, jumping up at anyone and anything, refusing to come back and be put back on the lead, completely ignoring us when playing with other dogs and waking us up throughout the night to go outside.

After paying for several kennel club training courses and following the advice of many ‘experts’ with very little success, we were at the end of our tether.

We found Ingrid online and we rang her with the intention of putting her in for residential training; we had tried and failed and we needed someone to intervene. After speaking with her for less than 5 minutes, we knew we had found the right person. Ingrid completely understood our problems and where we were going wrong and how to resolve Lily’s (and our) behaviour. The final element that confirmed that Ingrid was for us was when she said that she didn’t use treats! Completely the opposite of what we had been told and something that hadn’t worked for us at all as Lily was not food orientated.

After Ingrid heard our problems, she advised that the Day Course she offers would be more appropriate. So that’s what we went for and we haven’t looked back since. Ingrid is very clear from the beginning that it takes commitment and consistency to achieve the results we want.

The first training day is thoroughly enjoyable and encouraging and the follow up training day/ anti livestock training day is when all of your hard work comes together and you see the results you were looking for! It is clear that Ingrid has a really special connection with dogs and quite honestly she is a bit of magic when it comes to training dogs.

Now, we are enjoying having Lily, she is so respondent and lives to please us. She is much happier than before, she sits and stays, recalls perfectly 100% of the time and heels on and off the lead. She is happy around sheep; doesn’t even think about chasing them anymore! We cannot thank Ingrid enough for helping us to train Lily. We are looking forward to all of our adventures together and getting the most out of our beautiful doggo.


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