Maisie came to us from a dogs’ home as a rescued 10-month-old, having been picked up as a stray and not reclaimed.  She had some physical evidence of mistreatment and was untrusting.  Over the following 3 years we improved her confidence, general obedience and trust in us but failed abjectly in training her out of the desire to chase.  Sheep really piqued her interest.  Having previously studied dog behaviour with a number of published professionals and fostered, rehabilitated and rehomed several “problem dogs” I was at my wits end with my own dog.  We had recently moved from the town to a rural landscape and thought we were resigned to 100% lead walking.

A local man told us about Ingrid and we decided to contact her.  She was non-judgemental, professional and assured us that we would be able to walk Maisie off the lead with confidence.  Indeed, that has been the case.  After a brief session with Ingrid, followed up by an intensive week on our own with Maisie following Ingrid’s instructions, we now all enjoy our walks.  Maisie is loving her freedom, is a noticeably happier dog and even more responsive and trusting than ever.

Thank you Ingrid.


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