Gundog Training and Behaviour Coaching – two new services available in Cumbria from Ingrid Grayling

Two renowned experts in these highly specialised fields have agreed to make their services available to clients of our training school in Cumbria.

Nick Coates (right) has won national acclaim for his skills in all aspects of gundog work, from basic obedience to top Field Trial level. As well as helping handlers to train their own dogs, he is in demand as a competition judge and also works closely with many gundog clubs as a training adviser. Last year, Nick – who is based in Wilton, Wiltshire – was invited to Japan to run a training seminar by the country’s Gundog Retriever Training Association (see

Paul Daly (right) has established a reputation for dog behaviour training which extends well beyond his native Northampton. Paul refuses to accept that any badly behaved dog – no matter what its age or background – is a lost cause. Using his unique skills, gained over many years of experience, he will give owners the tools and knowledge to handle their pets confidently, and to enjoy a new and more fulfilling relationship with them (see

Nick and Paul will be attending our training school at various times, and will arrange training programmes tailored to our clients’ individual needs.

For more information, please call Ingrid Grayling on 01931 715282 or email

Nick Coates, acclaimed for gundog training skills
Experienced dog behaviour specialist Paul Daly