Ingrid has put the pleasure back in our walks!

After taking on the challenge of rehoming a young spaniel, fait took its hand when meeting Ingrid on a stressful walk one day.
Ingrid was in the right place at the time. I would encourage anyone to contact her for advice and see the results of hard work and perseverance for themselves.
The training is specifically tailored to your dog and Ingrid makes you feel totally supported.
From having a totally ‘fizzy’ dog who made walking unenjoyable, we now love planning the adventures we go on and see continuous progress. Walking on a lead is totally transformed and although not perfect, our spaniel is now under control, and we can plan pleasant walks as a family.
Ingrid’s experience and knowledge gave us the confidence and reassurance to totally transform our spaniel’s life, she is now living her best life.
from Grateful Spaniel Parents
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