“Our Labrador Bella was extremely nervous and in particular had a huge noise aversion to the point where we were unable to take her into towns or anywhere where even a car door slamming could make her bolt or refuse to walk, even if we pulled her.

The basic training Ingrid taught us, and is now used on Bella’s labradoodle daughter Poppy too, has been a game changer, in particular the coming back on a whistle and walking with the chain collar to heel. We have just had our first stress free holiday in Cornwall with both dogs in a long, long time!

Bella previously refused to walk in the town and this time, although she remains a nervous dog, she looked to us for reassurance and walked when instructed. This time last year we were extremely stressed and had our lives and actions impacted hugely by Bella’s behaviour and cannot thank you enough for giving us the tools to turn this around and only wish we had met you sooner! Thank you so much

Claire and Darren



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