“After one dreadful experience too many with Lola our Weimaraner and sheep, I decided to take action – after searching the internet I found Ingrid’s website and really liked the look of what she had to offer.

Ingrid managed to book me in for a session at really short notice, and after one session with her, and a week of training with me and sheep, Lola now stays to heel – walks off the lead – and walks through fields of sheep and lambs without even licking her lips.

It’s nothing short of a miracle! She’s also amazing on the lead now, walking to heel, with no dislocated shoulders for me. I can’t wait to fit her in for a full training course with Ingrid – I thought my dog was ‘almost there’ with training and such, but after 1 hour with Ingrid, I have glimpsed the kind of dog she could be, and it would be an injustice to her not to give her the chance to become that fabulous dog! I can’t thank Ingrid enough!”

 Angela, May 2011

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